The story of Charleston and the history of the Gullah people are one in the same. Since the 1600ís coastal West Africans were cultivating rice in Charles Town. Coastal Africans were farming rice and building agricultural systems centuries before any contact with the Europeans. As the demand for rice grew so did the demand for skilled laborers. Plantation owners would pay top dollar for slaves from the coastal regions of West Africa because of their rice farming skills. Rice became the first commercial cash crop of America.

Plantation work was very hard and rice planters had very few things to enjoy. However, the one thing almost everyone could count on even back then was a tasty supper. The same slaves that cooked for the big house would often prepare meals for all the slave houses. Whatever they cooked, you could almost guarantee that it was good tasting and seasoned to perfection.
Wecome to Charleston's Gullah Recipes
The Gullah People have managed to keep many aspects of their cultural heritage alive today, as evident in their dialect and through their food. We call it love food because you could tell that someone who cared prepared it. They knew that taste mattered. The Gullah People cooked with everything they grew and brought over from Africa. Now you can enjoy many of the same dishes that were handed down for generations. You have not really eaten until you have tasted some of the delicious meals from Gullah Recipes.
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